Polarimeter. Apparatus to control quality in glass articles.

Machine dimensions
800 mm
450 mm
450 mm
Net weight
20 kg


  • It is meant to be used in the determination in laboratories of mechanical tensions remaining in glass containers of transparent glass or semi-transparent ones, after the treatment that follows the manufacture.
  • Using the principle of birefraction produced in isotropic materials due to the presence of mechanical tensions developed in their mass.
  • This birefraction is noticed by illuminating the article with polarized light:
    • In the first case, by means of a complete wave filter. Where tensions of the article are determined quality-wise, observing the turn of the colour in the different zones of the article examined.
    • In the second case, using a quarter-wave filter, tensions are determined quality-wise by the method of darkening of luminous stain which is prominent in the tensioned zone.
  • The machine can be used with any kind of glass changing the conversion table.