Decormec in Glassman 2018
26 July, 2018

Decormec was the Argentine headquarters selected to deliver the Hot Stamping film seminar for Peyer International.

Within the framework of training in the use of foils for the graphic and packaging industry, Peyer International selects Decormec as its headquarters in Buenos Aires to dictate its refresher course in new trends.

What is hot stamping?

It is a technique that uses a color foil which is transferred with heat to the container, obtaining metallic and holographic textures.
It can be applied in line with screen printing to obtain complex designs.
Hot Stamping is a technique used mainly to highlight, its colors are known for its similarity to gold and silver, and its use in edges, words or details of the packaging to highlight.
Currently it has a great variety: reds, greens, blues, violets and more!